Wednesday, April 30, 2008

which would you choose?

And then there was 2. After looking at over 40 homes, we finally narrowed it down to 2. Chris is working in Bremerton, so we looked in both Gig Harbor and Silverdale. Silverdale is North of work, about 6-10 miles away (about a 10-15 min commute). Gig Harbor is about 18 miles away (takes about 25 minutes to commute).

Home #1 - Wellington Ridge neighborhood in Gig Harbor

nice backyard... deck just painted nice kitchen. . oak though
there is a little wallpaper boarders that will have to be removed
master, there are 2 sinks, people up there love lanolium?

House #2 - Silverdale

do you hear the birds? This neighborhood is so peaceful and beautiful!

here is the family room that has the kitchen and eat-in area. This fireplace is on the opposite wall from the kitchen

kids bathroom. . .clean and nice but we'd update the counters. And a laundry room! Yea!

Master bath. . .the tiles do match , the light is just weird.

the backyard is so nice, the whole neighborhood looks like a park.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

we did it!

We finally listed our house! Here's a link to see all the photos and stuff.
I'm trying to get the agent to switch the main photo. So if it's still that one with the lilac tree. . .I'm having it changed to the one with the front door. Anyways, let's hope someone falls in love with it like we did. It's been a great home, we're really really going to miss living here. It's such a great place. We've made some great friends here! Hopefully we find a house with as great as a back yard as this one (and hopefully we're not the ones that have to make it that way!) We're flying up there this next week to look at real estate stuff!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

random photos

Anna really wanted to jump on the tramp the other day. . .the only thing was, she was still in her footed jammies. . .no problem, just throw on your rain boots, they even match! Chris thinks she looks like a lion, check out that hair!
Paul loves these lips, they have a whistle in them!
This is him an hour later, he fell off the table, so now he's got a big bump on his forehead. . .sad! But happy to be playing with dad!
My brother Roger and his son Mavrick were here for the weekend. Mavrick had the idea to jam out on the horses. . .I love how focused they are!

Roger gave the kids some kits he got in first class on his way to Africa. In them were eye masks, big blue socks, ear plugs, toothbrushes, and a comb. The kids were excited to go to bed so they could wear their eye masks and ear plugs.
My good friend Jenny & her family stopped by the other day, I love this picture of Anna and Karlee on our swing. Another cool hair picture. . . man I'm going to miss our backyard!