Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter in St. George

Egg Head - Paul is such a clown, he loves making people laugh!

the kids in their Easter clothes

Olivia & Anna wore sort-of matching dresses.

The kids and thier cool Jones cousins on a hike

Paul & Paul

Anna helping Grandma plant flowers

Anna & her eggs

Try to ignore my child-like happiness
and check out the egg on the left.
Rubberband egg dying!

We were able to go down to St. George this weekend for Easter. It was beutiful and warm. The kids had a lot of fun with their cousins and grandparents! Thanks for letting us stay Mike & Marti, and Mom & Dad!!

Paul's new mom

Paul has fallen in love with his Aunt Marie. She was so nice to watch my kids for me while Chris & I were in Seattle. (she's 8 months pregnant, and has 2 kids of her own!) Marie is such a sweet person, and I'm glad my kids got to be mommied by her for a few days. Paul has finally accepted me back as his only mom, I think he misses her!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

sleepy in seattle

view from our room this morning

Chris & I flew in yesterday morning. . .we had to wake up at 4am to make our flight. . .so last night I fell asleep at 8:30. . .I was very sleepy in Seattle!

We spent most the day yesterday with a realtor in Gig Harbor. We saw some beautiful homes & neighborhoods. Today Chris has his interview, and I'll be with a realtor again all day today. Fun!

It's been such a fun get-a-way. My awesome (8 months pregnant) sister Marie is home watching our kids. We ordered in breakfast this morning, and it feels like we're finishing our honeymoon from 8 years ago. (We went to the San Juan Island, Lopez. We could only stay for 2 short days) It's been so fun. I think I'll be ready to have my kids back tomorrow! Thanks again Marie. . .I owe you!

Here's some pictures from our hotel. The sun broke threw the clouds yesterday, it was a beautiful sunny day to be in Seattle!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

some good kid music

I got my amazon order today, and in it was this new cd/dvd from They Might Be Giants. They are a cool band, and most of you probably heard of their album "Flood" in the early 90's. (Chris & I actually won a trip to Boston to see them when I was pregnant with Everett.) Anyways, now they are making a lot of fun educational songs for kids. And the coolest part, there is a video to go with each song. So for $12 you get a Cd and a DVD. My kids loved it, and Chris & I actually watched the whole thing tonight, and laughed out loud a couple times.

Oh, and they have weekly podcast for kids, so if your kids got iPods for Christmas, set them up!

Here Come the 123's is the second in the set, the ABC's is good. "No" is their first kid album. . .it has an interactive cd-ROM feature, it's fun games

This is another great kid's cd. It is a bunch of different artist, it's a good one, and it starts with the Muppet's song "Mahna mahna".

So maybe we should all set aside $50 of the economic stimulus and buy your kids some good music. . .