Friday, February 25, 2011

Seattle with Grandma Judy

Grandma Judy had a birthday so we headed over to Seattle to celebrate. We went to the children's museum (where Anna fed grandma some tacos) then went for burgers, fries, and ice cream at Dick's. That was our first visit to Dick's, and will not be our last! Happy Birthday Grandma Judy, we love you!!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Lopez Island get-a-way

We are so lucky to have family who own a little piece of heaven and are generous enough to allow us to stay. I've been visiting Lopez Island every 6ish years since I was a little girl. It was the big Jones reunion trip, and we always looked forward to it. This past summer we stayed and while talking with Mrs B, it came up that we lived here in Washington. When she heard that she said, "you should come here more often." And so we will!

The island is a perfect get-a-way. We had no internet connection, no tv, and loved every quiet minute. Well, as quiet as 4 kids and 2 parents can be in a cute little cottage while it was 30 degrees out. But the sun was shinning and we just sat back and enjoyed the view.
We visited a few beaches and collected some pretty agates.

we painted pictures, my grandma Jones was a painter so this was extra special.

we checked out the view and the sheep on the other islands with our cool spotting scope.

This picture sums up our weekend perfectly. Beautiful, scenic, fun, peaceful, and pretty much perfect. We all came home feeling recharged.

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Monday, February 7, 2011

Grandpa Jones visits

Somehow I convinced my dad to come up for a visit, and I'm so glad it worked! We had a lot of fun while he was here. The little boys & I picked him up from the airport and took him downtown to the Children's museum. We had lots of fun building, shopping, painting, and sculpting clay. The rest of the time he was here we played games and just had fun chatting. I think we ate ice cream every single day he was here (sometimes twice!). The thing I realized while my dad was here is that he is a really fun guy. He likes to laugh, a lot. It was so fun watching him play with the kids. I love my dad!
I was able to do some voice memo interviews on my iTouch (I love that thing). I'm looking forward to taking the stories and doing something really cool with them.
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