Saturday, May 23, 2009

scenic hike

I love to hike. Tonight we went on our first "family of 6" hike, and it was so much fun! The kids did great, and the trail was long (over 1.5 miles each way!) and not flat. Chris & I got a work out carrying the babies (his was much heavier than mine:). Here are some pics of our adventure:
(over the shoulder shot)

there was a lot of pointing at cool things "mom take a picture of this"

and a super cool tree house
the 3 big kids running down the path
Paul was so excited to go over this bridge
all 4 kids (that's an apple in Anna's mouth:)
the beach at the end of the trail
Ian smiling at mom
He loved the hike, didn't make a peep the whole time!

Everett found this and decided, "this must have been a hanger the cave men used"

don't you love silhouette shots...Chris always thinks of cool pics to take

Monday, May 11, 2009

mother's day video that Chris made

mother's day

I'm so lucky to be the mother to these 4 little people. Each of them has such a unique personality and brings a lot of joy to Chris & I.

Here's a good example, Everett said let's do something cool for this shot...this is what we got (apparently only he and Anna know what cool means)

the biggest surprise on mother's day was when I woke up and smelled something yummy in the oven. Earlier in the week I had come across this recipe for an apple strudel. I emailed it to Chris as a joke with the message, "this would be good for mother's day breakfast". I thought he knew I was joking, I mean, the recipe had 3 different components, the apple mixture (yes, he pealed and sliced 3 apples), the pastry layer (he used 2 knives to cut the butter in) and homemade frosting. He's only made mac & cheese, pizza, and nachos for the kids in the past. But he thought my email suggestion was for real. He said I thought you thought I could make it:). So he did. And it was GOOD! Thanks honey! Oh, and church was at 9am...extra impressive, huh!

me with my 4

and I'm so grateful for all the mom's in my life...