Monday, January 25, 2010

Anna gives a little

of herself...
doesn't she look so stinking cute! She was happy to give a little (or lot!) of her hair to help out someone who needed it more than her. She was so brave, I was so proud.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

1st place

Everett competed in his first pinewood derby...and he followed in his dad's footsteps and won first place! I guess it is family tradition to win. Chris' dad handed down all the research and materials to make a winning car. Chris had Everett draw up his car, mark it on the wood, Chris cut it out, Everett sanded, painted, sanded, painted and Chris put the wheels on. I think he let him do a little bit more than his dad let him do as a kid.

His first race down the track he won, the car next to him came in a hit his, busting his front wheel right off. We were all a little worried he wouldn't be able to race, but the judges let him hot glue it back together, weigh it in and race. He raced something like 12 times and won EVERY single race. I was a bit shocked. Chris was too, he kept saying there are a lot of engineer dad's in our area that could make some sweet cars. And they did, but I think Grandpa T's magic dust made for another winning car. It was fun to watch. It was good to see Everett win. I was proud of my boys:)
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Friday, January 15, 2010

Paul's 3rd Birthday Party

Today was Paul's first friend birthday party. It was so much fun! He invited a few of his best buddies to celebrate. They pretended to be firefighters saving kitty's up in a tree, shooting out fire in cardboard buildings, and making their own pizza's. (cause everyone knows firefighters like to cook!) I think the boys enjoyed themselves. I know Paul was loving every minute of it. Especially the presents part. Happy Birthday Paul!
(thanks Rachel for taking all the pictures!)
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Happy New Year!

Marti, Colby & Olivia came up for new years. We had so much fun!

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