Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines 2010

I love these 4. (and their daddy a lot!)

Valentines makes me want to craft. Even though it is sort of a girl holiday (as miss Anna would say) we had fun with our 3 boys too. Music makers was so fun with heart shakers, heart faces, and my favorite mustache suckers. I found a pattern for love birds and had so much fun making them for the kids. They are the perfect size for little Ian's hands and my older kids liked pretending with them. Anna & I cut some potato stamps and decorated a handful of construction paper sheets. That's when she said, "valentines is sort of a girl holiday, well, I guess the boys have Halloween." That sounds fair to me:)
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flash forward

Something about this photo made my mind flash forward 6 years (I don't know why I thought 6 years in the future, I just did). I could almost picture these 4 sitting around this same table gobbling down their breakfast. In 6 years Everett will be 14, old enough to go to youth dances, weird. Anna 12, a little beehive, (hopefully) super eager to babysit. Paul will be 9, in 3rd grade just like Everett. And Ian will be almost 7, like Anna, in first baby in 1st grade! I think the years will fly by. I think I'll miss the booster seat and the baby spoons. (not the diapers)

I love my kids.

Monday, February 8, 2010

saturday is a special day

Saturday was such a nice day, and we didn't have anything that we had to do.

So we played outside, planted some flowers, trimmed some bushes, went to an estate sale (well, me and a friend did), road bikes, played catch, and to end it all Chris and I went to see Avitar (that is a GOOD movie).

I love Saturdays!
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