Thursday, August 27, 2009

baby armadillos

Anna walked in with her armadillo the other morning...I thought it looked like someone I knew:)

if you are wondering where we got this sweet stuffed animal, Chris brought it home from a business trip to San Antonio. Anna was so thrilled, it is a mommy armadillo with a velcro pouch that a tiny baby armadillo can be pulled out of. I was pregnant at the time, so it was pretty funny!

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Monday, August 17, 2009

high adventures

When Chris got called as the Young Men's president last year I was excited for him. I knew he'd enjoy all the activities (mostly basketball) and especially all the camping/hiking. I also knew he'd love the 50 miler he started planning months ago. But, I started to wonder what I (and our 4 kids) would do for the 6 days while he was away.

We ended up having a great {busy} week! First my cousin and her 4 kids came up for a slumber party. My kids were so excited to have friends stay the night. They played a ton (of wii) and we had a lot of fun keeping them busy. We even made my kitchen into the tiger cafe for dinner...whiskers, stripes, paws, and fangs. It was delicious!
the girls eating tiger's tail and paws and drinking tiger's bloodthe kids watching Incredibles (man that movie is good!)
The next day I got an invite from Bonnie to go camping...without our husbands (who were both on the 50 miler with the boy scouts). At first I thought, "no way, I hardly like going to the mall with all 4 kids". But then I thought (after asking Bonnie if she can make a fire-which she can), I could do this, and my kids would love it. And I did, and they did. The weather wasn't perfect, but the campground was gorgeous! It was on Lake Kachess in the Cascade mountains. The kids had so much fun riding their bikes around the campsite, hoping rocks on the river, swimming in the lake, and burning stuff in the fire. Ian slept great, there is something about fresh air that is so refreshing:). I'm so glad I was brave and did it! {Thanks for inviting us Bonnie!}my happy camperwe were all so excited to see Chris after 6 days. He was super surprised to see us there at the end of his was awesome!

Monday, August 10, 2009

we're back

from a great vacation to Idaho. We were able to go to the Big Ball reunion, Yellowstone, Rigby Lake, a cute little train ride, the sandunes, Drew's beautiful cabin at Palisades Resiviour, and stop by Shashone Falls on the way home. It was a lot of fun to see family and friends. We're so glad we went!

below is a slideshow of a bunch of photos from our trip...

Idaho 2009