Sunday, January 25, 2009

pacific science center

we went to the temple yesterday and thought we'd take the kids to the science center afterwards. It was a lot of fun! Here's some pics from the day.
Grandma Judy was able to come with fun! (and yeah for 3 adults for 3 kids!) The butterfly house was awesome...
one landed on Everett's shoulder
Anna wanted one to land on her so much that she sat still for about 5 luck
one even landed on dad's legthis is as close as she got...maybe next time sweet girl...
this is at 6:15 at night...I think the kids were worn out!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Paul is TWO!

Paul had his 2nd birthday! It was full of cars and cake and chuck e cheese (our kids first time ever!)Here's a few pic from our day:
here he is all excited about a re-gift from Anna

at chuck e cheese

playing in his interactive monster truck cake
(this is just a bunch of crushed up graham crackers over a sheet cake with a jump in the middle...super easy...super fun!

Paul giving the car a wash
with his new car hauler...this thing holds 40+ cars. He even likes to sit on it and ride around. I've decided Jan birthdays are nice...discounted Christmas toys!

Jones visit

We had a fun visit from some old friends today. Kathryn and Chris went to high school together, and then we met again at graduate school at Utah State. Katheryn and I used to take Everett & Jackson backpacking and biking when they were 1 year olds. We told them that they were each others first friends. It was fun to see them play together as 7 year olds. As you can see Anna & Taylor got along great, it was really cute. Katheryn is expecting next month, so our next baby boys should be good friends too. Now we're wishing we would have found a job in Spokane (that's where they're at) would be fun to live close!
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Thursday, January 15, 2009

we're having a....

yep another crazy brother... I wonder which one he will take after?
(those are cherry tomatoes!)
I have to admit, I was a bit surprised. Anna has been wishing so hard for a sister I'd almost forgot a boy was an option. And when I went to buy the first boy thing (which I always do on ultrasound day) I was a little sad I couldn't buy something pink. Girl stuff is just way cuter than boy stuff. But I love my boys, just check out those pics, who wouldn't? It will especially be fun to see Paul and his little bro grow up together so close in age. Sports and scouts and missions, it will be fun. And Anna is being a pretty good sport about it all, she said, "oh well, at least he'll be tiny and cute." (I hope she's right on the tiny part, his head is already measuring 32 weeks!)
Sorry no ultrasound pic, he is kind of big (he is 29 weeks along), so none of them really turned out. But he wasn't shy to show off his stuff...he is definitely a boy!

Friday, January 9, 2009

look what I found in my toaster...

it's rudolph the eraser
2 year olds are so much fun...

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

all this for only $8.15

seriously...I love Alberston's! Right now they are running a special where if you buy $30 of certain products - you get $15 of coupons printed out for your next order. (they kind of work like gift cards, but they look like receipts...they have an expiration date too)
So that's 16 items for $8.15 (averaging about $.50 each!). I printed off and used 11 coupons ($10.35 total). Then Albertsons gives you 3 $5 coupons to use on your next purchase of whatever (although I'll be going back to get more of these items as well as some frozen veggies, bisquick, more cereal and other stuff that is included in the spend $30 get $15). So my total before coupons was $33.50 after coupons: $23.15 and after the $15 coupons: $8.15. If you don't get Albertsons adds (like me) you can always go on their website and make sure your local Albertsons is having the sale.
I'm still mooching off Utah's penny pinchers for my inside information. There is this awesome website called (here is a link They have all the deals for all the grocery stores (in Utah).
I was so excited about this...I had to share. (and I noticed a few people are trying to save some money now a everyone!) let me know if you have questions...and have fun shopping!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

a few from the ferry

Chris got some good pics of the big kids on the ferry today. (Paul was napping, so we were in the car) We were on our way to Chris' sisters house for bowl games (mostly the men watched football while the girls all ate yummy snacks and played a few wii games, it was surprisingly relaxing).
i love this girl

Paul says...