Saturday, April 23, 2011

Happy Easter

9 am church is hard to do on Easter morning with 4 kids (especially when mom is speaking in sacrament meeting). Luckily Grandma Judy was here to help, and Chris skipped his meetings (sick). So here is a picture of the kids after church.

all four kids hunting for eggs

Paul was so super fast. The boy didn't stop running. I loved watching him!

Anna found an egg

Ian picking an egg from a prickly bush, ouch!

all 4 kids with their loot

Easter is such a nice holiday. This year we tried (like every year) to teach the children the real reason we celebrate. We had a family home evening about the resurrection the week before. I didn't know if they really understood. Later that week Paul told me he and Anna found a dead rollie pollie, so they buried it and rolled a big rock over it. The next day we were outside and Paul found a live rollie pollie in the same dirt, he said "it was resurrected!" Too cute. I guess they do listen.

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