Monday, March 28, 2011

March MADness

So before March could end, we had one more injury in the family. Four days before Ian was scheduled to get his cast off I was playing in my indoor soccer game. I LOVE soccer, and have been playing 2-3 times a week for the last 6 or so months. It is so much fun and such good exercise, and I have so much fun with the girls on my team. Chris & I played on a co-ed team for a session, and that was a ton of fun too. Anyways, I blocked a shot of a super skilled strong forward and tore my ankle up. Dr Duff said I tore all my tendons, most my ligaments and a muscle. It was one of those "really bad sprains" you hear about. Oh and Duff said if he looked long enough at the x-ray there was a fracture in there too. Awesome, huh. So for the next 5 weeks or so I stayed off my foot and hobbled around on crutches. I think I just wanted to give Ian some company.

The next Monday (3 1/2 weeks after breaking his femur) we headed in for it to be sawed off. Ian had really thought he'd be in his yellow pants forever. So when we told him they were coming off he was excited. But then when the assistant turned on the buzz saw his excitement faded, quick. We tried to cover his ears and distract him with the iTouch. It sort of worked.

After his cast was off they x-rayed him again. The bone was thicker, and stronger, and we were all thrilled (especially Anna).

Here is Ian right after it came off. Oh, and did it stink. It was like cracking a rotten egg open. Ian of course isn't rotten, well he was kind of spoiled rotten, so maybe it was fitting. I love how his legs are in the exact place they were while in the cast. He was crossing his feet before we left the office, we were all so happy to have his legs back.

I kind of thought he'd be up and running right away. He lost so much muscle and his joints were so stiff that he was happy to just crawl around without hauling the yellow pants with him. He could stand up to the couch (kind of like an eleven month old), but really was just happy to bend and sit and cross his feet like he loves to. He was walking about 2 weeks after the cast came off (sooner than mom). He looks a little bit like a stiff legged robot, but he is a happy robot and we love him!

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That's a cute shot of you two gimpys together on the couch.